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Yanki Tshering, founder & executive director of BCNA panelist on "Scaling up Small Business in Queens"

Yesterday Yanki Tshering, Founder & Executive Director, of the Business Center for New Americans, WEALF’s partner, was a panelist in “Scaling Up Small Businesses in Queens,” panel sponsored by Center for an Urban Future and Santander Bank.  Yanki and the other five panelists focused on what the issues are that make it difficult for companies to scale up from the initial stages.  Interestingly hiring, training and retaining good people and not money was the issue raised most often.  Even with sufficient funds it is impossible for a business to get to the next stage without the right people.  The panel also discussed the variety of services available to businesses that seek information and money. These types of forums are useful to people to wanting to learn how to move their companies to the next level.

Yanki is the perfect panelist for this occassion, since she is a person who is making a major difference for small businesses trying to scale up.  The BCNA, provides around $20 million in Microloans every year to business owners who are not able to obtain loans from traditional lenders. WEALF is proud to be a partner of the BCNA.