Annabelle Santos

Cosmetic Chemist/ Manufacturer

Annabelle is a WEALF participant and success story. She developed Spadét products in 2008 to cleanse, nourish and protect her baby who suffered from extreme eczema. Unable to find a solution to relieve her child’s symptoms with conventional skin products, Annabelle utilized her degree in biochemistry and natural remedies, to develop products that completely resolved her child’s skin issues. She has moved from a home-based company to a facility in Harlem and has expanded her offerings to other skin and hair concerns and is marketing her line of products available in Whole Foods, other retailers and major educational and public institutions. 

Annabelle has considerable background in sales and marketing and has learned how to maximize her status as a MWBE vendor to New York City and New York State. She has appeared as a speaker at industry events and is a recipient of several awards.

Questions for mentors can be directed to wealfund@gmail.com.