Caroline Mak

Food Entrepreneurship

Caroline is a dedicated food entrepreneur with a passion for creative problem solving and story telling. She is currently the Program Director at Hot Bread Kitchen Incubates, a business support program and shared commercial space that is committed to supporting emerging food brands.

Prior to Hot Bread she was a participant in the WEALF program as founder of Brooklyn Soda Works where she was responsible for the strategy and creative direction of the company. She grew the company from a two-person team working out of her kitchen to a citywide presence with multiple retail locations and an expanding wholesale program.

Caroline is also a visual artist from Hong Kong who has exhibited nationally and internationally.  She received her bachelor’s degree in biology from Stanford University and her MFA from the University of Chicago. She has been the recipient of an Emerging Artist Fellowship from Socrates Sculpture Park and the BRIC Media Fellowship.

Questions for mentors can be directed to wealfund@gmail.com.