Leslie Toepfer


Retired from Morrill Associates (MA) after a twenty-year career in the executive search, Leslie brings expertise in sales, marketing and human resource issues to WEALF. At MA, her focus was recruiting investment bankers who specialized in a wide variety of industry silos including consumer/retail, financial institutions, health care, media & telecom and real estate.

After Wellesley College, Leslie returned to NYC where she became a registered financial representative selling securities.  Then having received her MBA in finance from NYU, she worked in real estate related sales and marketing before switching to search.

Her current volunteer activities, in addition to WEALF, include sixteen years as a Co-Chair of The New York Public Library's Financial Services Leadership Forum (FSLF) and a lifetime as the Leadership Gifts Chair for her Wellesley College class.  

Questions for mentors can be directed to wealfund@gmail.com.