ENTREPRENEUR feature: MISSY KOO & STACY COLE of brooklyn piggies


Pigs in a blanket are America's favorite hors d'oeuvre and never before have two women been more passionate about making them better.... way better. Missy Koo and Stacy Cole founded Brooklyn Piggies in 2012, determined to elevate the standard version of the cocktail frank wrapped in a crescent role. They worked with a top sausage purveyor to develop a variety of flavors: Original, Spicy, Chicken and Veggie. They wrapped their sausages in a light and flaky puff pastry, creating a pig in a blanket that is parallel to none.

Brooklyn Piggies were initially sold at an outdoor food market in Brooklyn. Their Piggies were an immediate hit and they quickly grew to sell via an online platform and to wholesale/foodservice customers. Soon after their launch, Brooklyn Piggies gained nationwide popularity after being named as Oprah’s Favorite Things and were also featured on NBC's Today’s Show.

Missy and Stacy caught the attention of WEALF in 2012, upon recommendation from Kathrine Gregory, from the ESpace Incubator kitchen where they initially hand rolled the Piggies. Since their first loan in 2012, WEALF has continued to support Brooklyn Piggies as mentors and loan providers, having offered three subsequent loans in support of business growth. Missy and Stacy haven grown as businesswomen, gaining experience and transitioning the business from startup to scaled production with nationwide distribution. Brooklyn Piggies created an exclusive Piggie for QVC. This all beef sausage stuffed with Wisconsin Cheddar Cheese was an instant hit, selling out in just minutes of it's premier. CLICK HERE to watch their most recent appearance on QVC from July 14, 2019 with several new flavors.


their words:

“Words cannot express the gratitude we hold for the WEALF Fund and it's group of smart and savvy mentors and financial support. Having the guidance of the mentors, who are always accessible to offer clarity and insight to the varied challenges that have arisen on our journey, has proven pivotal for our success. The mentors are highly educated, experienced professionals who understand the specific challenges women face growing their businesses. Meeting the other business owners has fueled a strong sense of community, wherein we learn from each other and share strategies - though our businesses are varied, our challenges are universal. Thanks WEALF for seeing our potential and supporting our growth!!!!”