Manufacturer of olive oil beauty care products for skin, body and hair.  WEALF provided an initial interest-free $5,000 loan and a mentor.  Her mentor helped Annabelle with label and branding issues, and she received general business guidance utilizing the talents of several different WEALF advisors. As Annabelle grew her business, WEALF provided additional loans and helped her secure a loan from the Business Center for New Americans. In addition, WEALF redesigned the Spadét website to reflect the uniqueness of her products and make the site user-friendly.

As a minority business owner, Annabelle became certified as a vendor to New York City and New York State. This has led to significant supply agreements with several major educational and social service institutions. In addition, Spadét products are available in several Whole Foods locations.  Annabelle continues to innovate and has expanded her product line.

Annabelle’s awards include the American Entrepreneurship Award for 2017 and the 2018 OutstandingWomen Owned Business Enterprise Award from the National Minority Business Council. In recognition of her achievements and continuing to serve as a role model for other WEALF participants, Annabelle has become a member of the Board of Advisors.


her words:

"Thank you very much for the various ways you have supported me as an entrepreneur. WEALF has provided me with the mentorship, guidance and financial support to grow quickly. I am filled with gratitude and hope knowing that there are organizations like WEALF that are committed to helping women entrepreneurs. It is my goal to succeed and build an empire that serves many, not only my customers and the environment, but also other entrepreneurs who can benefit from my experiences.”